“Every human expresses their potentiality in a way that transcends their physical being. Our emotions and desires are transcribed on interstellar vibrations. In a quantum state, they are superposed on one another and the superposition forms an array of galactic consciousness. This is spiritual energy in quantum form permeating space. This is what gives the […]

Who does aggression? What does it smell like? Where does it live? What colour is it? Is it fundamental? These are all pressing concerns within the field of science and while we don’t have all the answers to all the questions we would like to ask about aggression we at least have some. Men do aggression; […]

It’s no secret that the number of female UK university entrants dramatically outstrips the number of male entrants. In 2014 the gap was so large as to equate to approximately 34,000 missing male students. This gender gap, unlike the mythical wage gap, is expected to grow in the foreseeable future while only two decades ago the gender […]

I am finally done with having to attend a Students’ Union Council which is good because during nearly every session of Council I felt like I’d rather have a flesh eating disease than be privy to the discourse taking place. SU Council meetings – for those of you who have not attended one – are […]

JUST DO IT! MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! This is the primal and stirring call of the Shia LaBeouf (Shialius LaBeoufius). When I first heard the call of the LaBeouf I could not have possibly known that it would transform me; change me; mutate my very DNA. I am metamorphosed on a […]

Kids are stupid. They’re like midgets but less fun because they can’t drink or smoke or do anything cool. They have nothing to talk about because all their stupid stories involve colouring in pictures, eating play doh or people at their school who also have nothing to talk about. Kids suck so I automatically assume […]

Move over George Nobody Washington. Get outta my face John Adams. Thomas Jefferson? Never heard of him. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe? Who are they? Benjamin Franklin? Get outta here. It’s time somebody showed you losers how to really make a country great! It’s time for The Donald to show you all how to be a founding father of face […]